In this category, you can find a large number of patterns designed for craftsmen and DIY enthusiasts to decorate their products.

There are different types of patterns, some are tailored only to specific types of crafts, and some are universal and can be used in various crafts, i.e., for various decoration techniques. If you are into any type of craft and have come across this page in search of a beautiful pattern, it is important to know that in this category there are only a small number of patterns that may be interesting to artisans, while a huge number of very beautiful patterns that you can use in your work are found in other categories. Therefore, we recommend that you carefully search the Free Patterns section of our site.

Each pattern in this collection has its own page where you can read a short text about it, see its higher resolution image, download files in vector (.eps and .svg) or 2D CAD (.dwg) file formats, and find a license that defines under what conditions it can be used. All the craft patterns that you are offered here are well drawn and can be used not only by enthusiasts, but also by professional craftsmen to decorate their products in case this is allowed by the license.

Hopefully, you will find a 2D design that you need in our category of craft patterns, or simply feel inspired by what it is offering.

Of course it is very interesting for us to see your finished products decorated with our patterns; so, if you have made something by yourselves and decorated it nicely using one of the patterns, please be so kind to send us a picture or two so that we can see the result of our joint work. If you give us your consent, we will post them on the page called ‘Showroom’.

On this page you can download three airplane silhouettes, suitable for various craft techniques where motifs are cut out from some material.

If you love Arabic art, you will probably be very pleased with this large collection of 31 frieze ornaments, which we called “Ancient Arab Plaster Work”.

On this page you can download 18 arch stained glass patterns.


In front of you is a very beautiful arch-shaped pattern, originally intended for marquetry wood panel decorating technique.

The scroll saw pattern in the picture comes from an old magazine, and since the caption below it read ‘Brass Door Plate’, we named it that way.

On this page you can download a bulldog papercut pattern based on an illustration from the old book ‘The square book of animals’ (W. Heinemann).


On this page you can download the square pattern called Central niello ornament growing out into border.

This vectorized circular ornament here is called the center table marquetry pattern. The ornament is classic in appearance and is definitely more than 150 years old.

For all fans of chip carving decorating technique, here we present a simple rectangular border pattern that they can use in their carving projects.

This is a large collection consisting of 63 patterns intended for everyone who wants to make antique-style finger plates.

A collection of hands from long case clocks, an old proven design that will surely add to the beauty of handmade wood clocks.

Here is a collection of 20 horizontal stained glass patterns with floral motifs.


In the collection which you can download here you will find 32 horizontal geometric stained glass patterns.

In front of you there are 9 simple round geometric patterns, ready for download and use in your graphic or craft projects.

In the collection which you can download here you will find 52 vertical stained glass patterns with floral motifs.

This is a collection of 85 vertical geometric stained glass patterns.

Stylized monkey silhouette, simple pattern suitable for cutting from a variety of materials (paper cutting, scroll saw, laser cutting...).

If you are engaged in embroidery craft and need a square-shaped tablecloth design (actually square-shaped border), you might like this one here that you can download in 2D CAD and vector file formats.

The square pattern that you can see in the picture was found in an old book and we named it after the inscription beneath the image of the design: Design for a linen damask napkin by Prof. C. Graft, Manufactured by Mr. J. Meyer in Dresden.

If you need a simple Damask rose design, feel free to download it on this page. The design was created based on an illustration discovered in an old magazine.

On this page you can download 9 patterns of medieval hinge plates that you can easily make at home.

Here you can find collection of five vectorized patterns intended for making traditionally inspired backplates for drop handles.

On this page you can download free pattern called Eagle marquetry pattern. Nice and simple stencil pattern.

In the collection which you can download here, there are 6 eliptical stained glass patterns.