Switch plate patterns

Switch plate patterns

On this page you can download two Switch plate patterns.

Switch plates (or wall plates) are usually made of metal, plastic or ceramic, and cover the electromechanical parts of the switch.

They have two roles:
- safety - preventing easy access to switch parts through which the current passes;
- decorativeness - hiding electromechanical parts because they are made for their function, not beauty.

Nowadays, switch plates are mostly made of plastic and look quite simple. About one hundred years ago, among other details, people used to pay a lot of attention to switch plates, and no wonder that some were of exceptional artistic design. Such a design is difficult to fit into the modern interior, but if your house is vintage style, why not improve the look of your living space with some nice switch plates?

As shown in the picture, here you can download two patterns representing the outline of the switch plates from the early 20th century, which now you can use for various purposes. An imaginative craftsman will be able to create a real piece of art with the help of this idea!


These precisely-drawn Switch plate patterns can be easily downloaded in 2D CAD (dwg) and vector (eps and svg) file formats by clicking on the appropriate link below.


License: Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.

Switch plate patterns - dwg format (29.18 Kb)

Switch plate patterns - eps format (33.1 Kb)

Switch plate patterns - svg format (27.32 Kb)