This is a collection of free interlacing patterns that you can use in your craft and graphic projects.

All files for download are vector images (.svg and .eps) or 2D CAD (.dwg) geometry. The interlaced patterns are decorative elements found in all styles, though in some they are more popular than in others. They are usually symmetrical and never lose their geometric nature.

The interlace pattern includes all those patterns which are formed of a number of broad lines interlaced together. It is of primary importance that the interlacing broad lines shall pass under and over one another alternately. Interlacing pattern can be either repeating or self-contained.


All lovers of medieval art can download here a precisely drawn artwork of the famous German painter Albrecht Durer (Dürer) called “The Third Knot”.

On this page you can download a beautiful arabesque that we named the Arabesque from the Great Mosque in Damascus.

If you need simple interlaced ornament, this square Byzantine ornament may satisfy all your requirements.

Here you can download a simple Celtic knot 2D design. The design is of rectangular shape and drawn using a grid in 2D CAD software.

On this page you can download a very interesting Celtic pattern which we called the Celtic knot ring pattern.

If you need a simple circular interlace ornament, look at this one in the picture, it may satisfy your requirements.

If you need free patterns inspired by Celtic culture, this large collection of 39 Celtic knot patterns may satisfy all your requirements.

This is a collection of 16 interlaced square strapwork patterns drawn in a 2D CAD software and transformed into vector file format.

This is a large collection of 57 patterns named interlaced border corners according to their pattern type and purpose.

In this collection you will find 23 interlaced ornaments. All of them come from old book covers,  some of them even a few hundred years old.

On this page we present and offer to download a beautiful Moorish arabesque from the 13th century which we nemed  Diaper vector pattern from Alhambra.

If you need an Arabic geometric pattern for decorating, on this page we have provided one named Faience mosaic from Karatay Madrasa.

In case you need a medieval ornament, this is the right page for you! Here you can download a very nice square interlaced ornament in the French Romanesque style.

On this page you can download simple geometric pattern that can serve as a decorative element for square surfaces.


Here is the set of four guilloche patterns that are suitable for decorating picture frames, mirrors and various other framed items.

If you need frieze pattern inspired by ancient world, these guiloche interlaced frieze patterns may satisfy all your requirements.

On this page you can download two interlaced designs that are meant for decorating square surfaces.

Here you can download four Interlace geometric designs that were taken from the pages of an old book.

This is a collection of six Interlace geometric patterns. The patterns has been precisely drawn, and there is no need for any further editing.

This is a collection of five Interlace hexafoil patterns. All six patterns are based on images from old books.

This is a collection of six Interlace trefoil patterns. All six free patterns are based on images from old books.

The Alhambra Palace is a masterpiece of Moorish and Arabic art, and these 4 interlaced patterns are just a small part of the beauty for which this palace is known all over the world.

If you need a rectangular frame with interlaced corners, why don’t you take a look at this picture!? If you like these borders, feel free to download!

This is a collection of seven interlaced frieze patterns. All 7 frieze patterns are simple in appearance and drawn using lines and circles only.