Interlace trefoil patterns

This is a collection of six Interlace trefoil patterns. All six free patterns are based on images from old books.


Trefoil is a graphic element composed of three overlapping equally sized circles. The term ‘trefoil’ also refers to various other symbols or patterns consisting of three-fold shapes. The trefoil (often combined with an equilateral triangle) was a Christian symbol of Trinity in the Middle Ages and can often be seen on various coats of arms or in Gothic architecture on window tracery, panels, etc.

The above term is also commonly found in botany because ‘trefoil’ or ‘clover’ is a common name for plants of the genus Trifolium. This genus consists of about 300 species of plants that are distributed mostly in the northern hemisphere, but can also be found in Africa and South America.Perhaps the most famous example of the trefoil plant is the shamrock; it is basically a graphic representation of the three-leaf clover. The shamrock is a symbol of Ireland which has been protected by the Irish Government as a national trademark. 

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