Interlacement ornament

Interlacement ornament

On this page you can download an interlacement ornament, which is based on an illustration found in an old book.

The ornament is square in shape and consists of an interlaced ornament and two simple ornaments - the circular and the corner one.

The interlaced ornament forms four blank fields in the corners in which the corner ornament and the central circular field are placed, in which, again, the round ornament is placed. This simple way of forming complex ornaments has been very popular throughout history, and decorations like this can be seen quite frequently. Interlaced ornaments of other shapes (circular, rectangular ...) are formed by the same principle, and ornaments of adequate shape are inserted into the formed blank fields.

You can use the interlaced ornament individually and insert some of your ornaments into it. Thus, a completely new complex ornament can be created.

The Interlacement ornament can be downloaded in the following formats:  2D CAD (dwg),  vector (eps and svg) 


License: Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license. 

Interlacement ornament - dwg format (262.12 Kb)

Interlacement ornament - eps format (538.92 Kb)

Interlacement ornament - svg format (286.15 Kb)