Collection of interlaced ornaments from old book covers

Collection of interlaced ornaments from old book coversIn this collection you will find 23 interlaced ornaments. All of them come from old book covers,  some of them even a few hundred years old. Throughout history, the use of interlaced ornaments to decorate book covers was widespread, and these are just some of the examples to testify the complexity and beauty of the works of the then master bookbinders. 
All the ornaments are carefully drawn in a 2D CAD (non-parametric) software which is, generally, very suitable for drawing geometric and interlaced ornaments.
You can use these ornaments for various purposes and by modifying in vector or 2D CAD software, some of them can be turned into borders.
All interlaced ornaments from this collection are under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported  license. 
As always, a 2D CAD (.dwg) format is available, as well as a vector formats (svg and eps)  for those who are into graphic design.