In this pattern category, we will be placing all the patterns generated using generative design or parametric design, i.e., patterns generated using algorithms and 2D or 3D CAD software.

The terms ‘parametric design’ and ‘generative design’ are often replaced by ‘parametric modeling’ and  ‘parametric art’, whereas the term ‘generative art process’ is often replaced by ‘generative design’. The name of this category may be a bit lengthy, but generative design and parametric design are similar processes, and we think that separating these two terms into two categories would only complicate the categorization of patterns on our site. Parametric pattern design is based on the development of an algorithm by which we can generate a pattern. By the algorithm, key parameters are defined that affect the appearance of the pattern and the rules by which it is generated. In this way, a large number of different patterns can be precisely generated simply by changing one of the parameters. Generative pattern design is similar to parametric design, but here the algorithms are a bit more complex because they need to generate patterns based on iterations that correspond to some parameters and rules.

So as not to bother you too much with defining modern design processes, let us just conclude the following: those who are already dealing with this approach to design know well what it is, and novices are advised to buy a book they can read for more information on this topic! Our greatest wish is merely to be of help to the people who deal with parametric and generative design (by generating lots of different 2D patterns to speed up their work). We hope that you are satisfied with the patterns we generate and that you have used them for some good purpose somewhere. All parametrically generated patterns on this site are free, and it would be nice of you to find the time and send us a picture or two of your work, just to boost our motivation to do our work even better by knowing that it makes sense because it is really useful to someone out there!

If you need parametric modeling or generative art 3D models, please go to page: Parametric modeling and generative art 3D models


This is a large collection of Voronoi diagrams that were parametrically generated using an algorithm in 2D CAD software.

This collection contains parametrically generated examples of all 17 wallpaper groups, and to make the differences between them more obvious, they were all generated using the same design element.

Here you can download a collection of various versions of the pattern known in applied mathematics as Gilbert's Tessellation.

This collection is called Infinite Twisted Tunnel Patterns, and this type of pattern can also be found under the name ‘tunnel optical illusion’ or ‘abstract tunnel’.

Here you can download a typical example of a work created with the help of parametric modeling, which we descriptively called “Parallel line drawing portraits of Franz Kafka ”.

Here lovers of parametric design can download patterns generated from random lines using an algorithm and 2D CAD software.

Here you can download a 2D pattern that looks like tree roots, which is why we named it the Roots Pattern.

Here you can download several versions of patterns called Triangular Grid Patterns with Attractor Points.

The Voronoi Jigsaw Puzzle Patterns that you can download here were not hand-drawn but generated by parametric modeling (by algorithm).