In this pattern category, we will be placing all 3D models generated using generative design or parametric design by 3D modeling approach, i.e., 3D models generated using various algorithms and 3D CAD software.

Generative design and parametric design are relatively new ways of 3D modeling and can often be found under the terms ‘parametric art’, ‘parametric modeling’ and ‘generative art’. In Layman's terms, in order to model something in 3D space, in parametric modeling, it is necessary to define rules and parameters, i.e., an algorithm that will be used to generate a 3D object in 3D CAD software. The parameters can change the appearance of that 3D object model very quickly. In generative design, these algorithms are more complex because they must decide and find the best solution based on iterations. Generative design is a more advanced modeling process than parametric design because its algorithms are based on complex cases, even on artificial intelligence.

Our idea is to generate as many different 3D models as possible using algorithms and offer them to you for free in this category, so do not hesitate to use them if you know how and what for! In this category, you will find various 3D models that will help architects to deal with modern architecture, designers to design parametric furniture or some other objects faster, graphic designers to make their work easier ...

We hope that, with this collection of 3D models, we have helped lovers of parametric modeling and generative design to (slightly) improve their work and save their precious time. We’d like to ask you to find a little time and share with us some pictures of your finished projects because that is certainly the best way to confirm the good purpose of our mutual work!

If you need parametric or generative design 2D patterns, you can find them on page: Parametric and generative design patterns

Here you can download a collection of 3D models, descriptively called Cube Blocks and Attractor Point and generated by parametric modeling.

Here you can download two very interesting 3D models of organic chairs, each in several variants, whereby one model is named ‘Isocurves Chair’ and the other ‘Voronoi Chair’.

If you like the Voronoi diagram, here you can download 3D wireframe and mesh models of various surfaces that are generated using Voronoi patterns, i.e., formed by Voronoi cells.