Anyone who needs 3D models of various hand tools in their work does not have to spend time modeling them, but can easily download them from this free collection of 3D hand tool models.

Note: All 3D tool models in this category have been drawn based on real tools (either owned  or borrowed), images of hand tools and their actual dimensions given by their manufacturers, i.e., the dimensions of the 3D models correspond to the dimensions of the actual hand tools.


Here you can download 3D model of a crowbar with a curved chisel end to provide a fulcrum for leverage and a swan neck to pull nails.

The Vernier caliper, whose 3D model you can download here, is used for precise measurement of internal and external dimensions and can also be used as a depth gauge.

Here you can download free 3D models of metric and imperial hex key tools (Allen wrench or Allen key). Hex key tools are simple tools that are used to drive screws and bolts with hexagonal sockets in their heads.

Here you can download six 3D models of turned mallets. If you need dimensions to make these mallets, just open them in FreeCAD and look at the sketches. 

On this page you can download eight 3D models of various types of calipers drawn in the free 3D software FreeCAD (Version 0.19).

Here you can download a precisely modeled NURBS 3D model of a ball peen hammer.

Here you can download a 3D model of a try square, a very popular marking tool with wood workers and carpenters.


Based on these 3D models you can:
- create various illustrations for books, educational texts, work instructions, assembly/ disassembly instructions, service manuals etc.;
- produce them if you have the necessary machines and know-how and
- simulate various things on your assembly 3D model (assembly and disassembly, ergonomics ...).

All 3D tool models that you can download here are NURBS 3D models modeled in FreeCAD Software (Free 3D CAD software). All 3D tool models can be downloaded here in FC Std file format, i.e., in FreeCAD native file format. If you need some other 3D CAD file format, you will have to download and install FreeCAD software and use it to export the 3D model to another 3D file format. We believe that many won’t like this, but we are doing this only for the sake of the popularization of this free 3D CAD software.

We hope that with this collection of 3D models of hand tools, we have enabled many of you to save their precious time, as precise modeling of these tools is not a fast process at all.

If you need plans for making hand tools, please visit the special category named Shop-made hand tools plans.