This category is meant for all of you who need quality 3D models of the human body and its parts.

3D models like these are often used, and we hope that the here offered 3D models of human body and their quality will meet your requirements and save you valuable time. Most of them are modeled in Blender software and published in polygonal mesh file formats (obj, blend, stl). Some 3D models in this category are also published in NURBS file formats (3dm, step, iges), but this depends on the availability of software that can convert polygonal mesh 3D models into NURBS 3D models. Some of the given 3D models will also be available in .stl file format, which is aimed at those who want to have them printed on a 3D printer. Not only anatomically correct 3D models of humans and their bodies are found in this category, but also reliefs with motifs depicting humans, cartoon characters, stylized 3D models of people and body parts, etc.


This is the 3D model of female hand created in Blender 3D graphics software and transformed to NURBS 3D surface.

The picture shows the appearance of two free 3D models that you can download here, which we called ’Heart 3D Loops’.

In front of you there are 3 simple 3D models of the heart symbol, ready for download and use in your 3D graphic projects.


Here you can download 3D model of a skull. 3D model is modeled with Blender 3D graphic software and converted into NURBS 3D surface.

We are really making an effort to create these 3D models to be of highest quality possible so that you won’t have to spend time editing them. Unlike websites that sell 3D models, all the 3D models that you can download here will be free of textures, rigging, animation, and the like.