In the “Architectural Elements” category, various 3D models related to architecture are published.

As you can see in the pictures, these are mainly 3D models of decorative elements that were once used to decorate buildings. The majority of the 3D models in the said category have been modeled based on images from old books on architecture. Although they are called ‘architectural’, it does not mean that anyone who is ‘out of the field of architecture’ should be discouraged – on the contrary! We hope that people coming from other fields will identify ‘their’ 3D models and practically use them in their projects.

Of course, not each and every of the above 3D models are plain decorative elements, but there are also various other 3D models that are closely related to architecture, such as 3D models of windows, doors, houses, tiles…

These 3D models can be used in your 3D graphics software; they can be made either by hand or on machine, even molds can be made from them to make it possible to produce real-world objects of concrete or plaster, e.g.


The 3D model presented here has been inspired by the design of early tiles from Florence.

Here you can download two precisely drawn 3D models of Gothic window tracery that can serve you for a variety of medieval-themed projects.

On this web page you can download a 3D model of a anthemion architectural motif. A simple 3D model ready for CNC engraving.

On this page we present and offer to download a simple 3D model which we named 'Architectural frieze bas-relief'.

As you can see in the picture, here are four 3D models of architectural rosettes available to you for download. We hope that you will be inspired to make some practical use of them in your work.

On this web page you can download a 3D model of a ceiling medallion, a nice interior decoration.

This is a very simple geometric 3D model modeled while mastering Rhino 3D software.

A simple 3D model of a Guilloche frieze pattern. The guilloche pattern (Guilloche ornament) can often be found under the name of the Greek guilloche pattern.

If you are interested in the architecture of Ancient Greece, on this page you can find a 3D model of the Ionic volute ornament, and also a tutorial on how to draw it.

This is a realistic 3D model of a wooden lathe-turned stair baluster.

Here you can download two simple 3D models based on the Arabic lattice pattern.

This 3D model has been created based on the image (from old book about architecture) of a Moorish decorative panel made by carving in wood.

This architectural cartouche is modeled after a similar one found on the Schütting building in Bremen. This 3D model is ready for CNC engraving.

These are 3D models of medieval mazes. We have created these 3D models based on the pictures of mazes found in an old architecture book.

If you need 3D model inspired by ancient Greek culture, this palmette frieze bas-relief may satisfy all your requirements.

This category represents only a small part of our website that directly deals with architecture. Please note that there are also a large number of our works that may be useful to all lovers of architecture and interior/exterior design. We suggest that you visit our categories named “Free Projects” and “Free Patterns” and see what is offered in them, you may find them interesting!