Anthemion architectural 3D motif

Anthemion architectural 3D motifDownload free anthemion architectural 3D motif created in Rhinoceros 3D  CAD software.

The anthemion is one of the most characteristic of ancient Greek forms. It exemplifies most perfectly the beauty of radiation, of tangential union, and of the proportionate distribution of areas.

The Anthemion ornament consists of the honey-suckle form enclosed in an elliptical outline.  The anthemion was used widely in ancient Greece and Rome as an architectural ornament.

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Anthemion 3D model comes in two different file formats: .stp (standardized 3D graphic exchange file format) and .stl (for 3D printing)

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Anthemion architectural 3D motif - stp format (174.67 Kb)

Anthemion architectural 3D motif - .stl format (zip - 1.74 Mb)