3D Model of Early Tiles from Florence

3D Model of Early Tiles from FlorenceThe 3D model presented here has been inspired by the design of early tiles from Florence. As you can see, these tiles can be applicable even today for paving sidewalks, yards, public spaces, etc ...

Within the file there is only one 3D tile segment that can be arranged in 3D software as shown in the picture. The 3D model is not realistic in size and needs to be scaled as desired if you want to use it for the making of the tile.

The following illustration shows how to properly draw the 2D contour that will enable you to obtain the 3D tile model.

How to draw radial symmetry pattern

This 3D model is under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.

Available for download are only NURBS file formats: .3dm (Rhinoceros native file format) and .stp.

3D Model of Early Tiles from Florence - .3dm file format (143.34 KB)

3D Model of Early Tiles from Florence - STEP (.stp) file format (25.91 KB)

The 2D tile contour and the way how to draw it can also be downloaded at the link: Radial Symmetry Pattern