On this page you can download a very interesting pattern which we called the radial symmetry pattern.

As you can see in the picture, it consists of 6 identical segments, specifically rotated around one point. By copying it, a repeating pattern is obtained that you can see at this link: 3D model of early tiles from Florence.


Radial symmetry pattern
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Available file formats

As always, a 2D CAD (dwg) format is available, as well as a vector (eps and svg) formats for those who are into graphic design.


The files that you can download here include:

  • the radial symmetry pattern, both the painted version (as shown in the picture) as well as the unpainted one (outline);
  • the unit segment that the pattern consists of;
  • the repeating pattern cut in such a way that, when copied,  a pattern of any size can be created;
  • a picture that explains how to draw the unit segment that the pattern consists of.


    Download DWG 2D CAD file format
    Download EPS vector file format
    Download SVG vector file format

    Submitted by Ceh Jan


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