Lapita repeating pattern

Lapita repeating patternThe Lapita culture is considered to have belonged to the people who lived in the Pacific during the period from about 1600BCE to 500BCE. It  was spread across the territory of present-day Polynesia, Micronesia and some parts of Melanesia. Nowadays the Lapita people are considered to have been the most advanced in seamanship in their time since they inhabited a large number of islands that are located on a vast expanse of water. It has been shown that they did not just randomly settle the remote islands, but that there was developed trade among them, too. Some archaeologists believe that the Lapita people were the first non-natives who set foot on American ground.

The Lapita pattern which you can download here comes from the discovered Lapita culture pottery. Since this is a repeating pattern, within the files  you can find the complete pattern, as well as its segments with which you can create a pattern of any size and shape.

This Lapita repeating pattern is under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.

The available file formats: 2D CAD format (dwg); vector formats (svg and eps)

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