Repeating ornaments

Repeating ornaments

If you need to decorate a large surface, repeating patterns are the perfect solution. Here we are presenting to you 4 repeating ornaments. With them, you can decorate various surfaces; they just need to be scaled and arranged a certain number of times over the entire surface. We have found all four repeating ornaments in a book that is over 100 years old. The book stated that repeating ornaments 1 and 4 belonged to the Indian and Persian styles, ornament 2 to the Chinese style of drawing repeating ornaments, and that ornament 3 was a Renaissance repeating ornament.

Although of different styles and hundreds of years old, these repeating ornaments are still usable. All four ornaments are very easy to draw, especially if you use some 2D CAD or vector software. It is enough to draw a grid formed of parallel lines, oblique or rectangular. Draw the repeating motif in one grid cell, and then copy it to all other grid cells. When you have a surface that needs to be decorated with a repeating ornament, it is very important to determine the grid dimensions. If we decorate it with a repeating ornament whereby the recurring motif, i.e., the grid cell is too large or too small, a very bad visual effect will be obtained.

All 4 repeating ornaments have been precisely drawn in Inkscape vector software, they are simple in appearance and can be applied in many ways. 

Available file formats: vector (eps and svg) and 2D CAD (dwg)

Licenses:  Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported

As always when we draw a repeating ornament within the file is the segment of ornament with which you can draw an ornament of any size.

Repeating ornaments - dwg 2D CAD file format (389.29 KB)

Repeating ornaments - eps vector file format (1.18 MB)

Repeating ornaments - svg vector file format (1.15 MB)