If you need free vector design suitable for scroll saw technique, this collection of free scroll saw patterns may satisfy all your requirements.

The scroll saw technique for cutting out wood patterns is named after the scroll saw machine which is due to its very narrow blades most suitable for cutting curved contours in wood. This technique can also be found under the name of fret-cutting. Since scroll saw patterns are very similar to stencil patterns, we recommend you to have a look at the category of stencil designs on our website where you can find more interesting patterns for your projects.

There are four ways to cut the scroll saw patterns that are offered to you here:

  • manually, using a coping saw or fretsaw;

  • using a scroll saw or jigsaw machine;

  • using a CNC laser cutter;

  • if you do not have any of these machines, or do not intend to do the cutting yourself, find a company that renders CNC laser cutting services, scale your patterns in the desired dimensions and send them the files to help them cut.

The most suitable types of wood for scroll sawing are: Spanish cedar, red cedar, American (white) Holly, black walnut, satin wood, tulip wood, ebony, bird's eye maple, rosewood, mahogany, cherry, olive, oak, birch... You can use either solid wood or plywood.

In this category you can find only scroll saw patterns, and to all who are interested in scroll saw techniques we recommend a variety of specialized websites, books on scroll saw techniques or scroll saw tutorials on YouTube.  Since we are very interested in the results of our mutual work. we will be very grateful if you send us the pictures of projects for which you have used our scroll saw patterns! 

All scroll saw patterns in this category are free to use for personal use and most of them can be used commercially. These patterns are under Creative Commons Attribution License. Before you make use of these patterns in your project, please check and observe the license that we have prescribed. Click on the links below to download free scroll saw and fretwork patterns.


This is a large collection of decorative shelf brackets (92 bracket patterns) that can be made of wood in scroll saw technique.

We called these patterns Art Nouveau Scroll saw Patterns, but as a decoration you can use them in many other decorating techniques as well.

The scroll saw pattern in the picture comes from an old magazine, and since the caption below it read ‘Brass Door Plate’, we named it that way.

Here you can download 7 patterns that named cabinet fretwork panels based on the title of the book we have found them in.

This is a very simple border scroll saw pattern, which you can quickly cut even manually (with copy saw, scroll saw machine...).

This is a large collection consisting of 63 patterns intended for everyone who wants to make antique-style finger plates.

Design for a music rest for a grand piano pattern (Messrs - Collard and Collard) originate from the book "Modern British domestic architecture and decoration" by Charles Holme, published in 1901.

Here you can download fretwork panel designs that come from the old magazine "Amateur work".

Here are two patterns we have named furniture scroll saw designs as they come from furniture photos in some old books.

The picture shows the appearance of two scroll saw panels that are offered for download here, which may come in handy when designing fine furniture or some panels.

On this page you can download scroll saw pattern that can serve as a decorative element for rectangular horizontal surfaces of furniture components, panels, or the like.

On this page you can download scroll saw pattern of a jaguar, whose appearance can be seen in the picture.

On this page, two silhouettes of  old cars are available. By cutting in wood or paper, you can make beautiful panels or wall decorations from them.

On this page you can download free fretwork pattern with Pegasus silhouette in the center.

Here is a collection of simple designs that can be used to create pierced brooches.

This is a simple round scroll saw ornament. The design is precisely drawn in 2D CAD software and is based on the image from old book.

Here you can download a large number of sawn baluster patterns and choose the one that suits you best.

If you happen to be a lover of the scroll saw technique that wants to build a 2-tier corner shelf, here you can find 17 high quality shelf bracket patterns of extremely beautiful antique design.

On this page you can download the design called "Scroll Saw Design Founded on the Wild Rose", a perfect design to try out on your laser cutter.

As you can see in the picture, we have put at your disposal a frame pattern suitable for scroll saw technique.

All lovers of scroll saw decorative technique on this page can download an illustration of a cow that can be turned into a beautiful and interesting decorative object.

Here scroll saw patterns are presented that can serve you to create 10 different models of letter openers.

Here you can download a pattern with the help of which you can cut a very nice wood panel in scroll saw technique.

On this page you can download free scroll saw pattern which is intended to decorate circular surface areas.