Simple cresting designs

Simple cresting designsIn this collection you will find 71 simple cresting designs.
The term “cresting” means the following:
- in architecture - an ornamental decoration at the ridge of a roof or top of a wall or screen.
- in furniture making - an ornamental decoration (either sawed od carved) in the top rail of a piece.
Since cresting essentially represents band ornaments, this collection is intended not only for those who deal with architecture and furniture manufacturing, but also for all who need to decorate something  with band ornaments. All these cresting designs originate from old catalog companies which used to produce them, or from old Russian books on architecture. Old Russian wooden buildings architecture  is a typical example not only of cresting, but also of various other wooden decorative elements usually made in scroll saw technique. 
This collection includes only simple geometric cresting designs. 
License: Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported 
As with all of our free 2D designs, these cresting designs can also be downloaded as a 2D CAD sketch (dwg file format) or as a vector illustration (svg and eps file format).