Sawn baluster patterns

Sawn baluster patternsOnce you make a yard or porch fence, you probably will not change it for years. It is therefore important that the design of the fence is to your strong liking. Each fence consists of posts, rails and balusters. As balusters occupy the largest area of the fence, the correct choice of their shape will give the highest decorative value to the fence. Here you can download a large number of sawn baluster patterns and choose the one that suits you best. Within the files there are sawn baluster patterns of different sizes that can be easily modified and scaled. Thus you can get not only the patterns of required dimensions, but also different pattern designs.

License: Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.

Sawn baluster patterns come in three different file formats: .dwg, .eps and .svg.

Sawn baluster patterns - dwg 2D CAD format (194.36 KB)

Sawn baluster patterns - eps vector format (343.38 KB)

Sawn baluster patterns - svg vector format (802.04 KB)