Horizontal scroll saw pattern

Horizontal scroll saw pattern

On this page you can download horizontal rectangular scroll saw pattern that was found in an old book (Stencil and Block-print Designing; Leather- and Metal-work Designing, published 1916 by International Correspondence Schools). 

This pattern is called horizontal, but if you need a vertical rectangular pattern, just turn it by 90 degrees. This scroll saw pattern can be cut manually using a copy saw or scroll saw machine, and you can cut it really fast on a laser cutter machine. We have called it the scroll saw pattern, although it is suitable for many decorating techniques in a variety of materials. Originally, as stated in the book, it was called the ‘German strapwork pattern’ and located in a section dealing with decorating leather-made items.

The picture shows what this pattern looks like when colored in black and white, and below is its unpainted version. The pattern is symmetrical with respect to the horizontal and vertical axes, which makes it easy to draw but not easy to cut. If you look at the image, the pattern consists of an ornament whose style is difficult to determine. We could call the style ‘timeless and of universal beauty’.

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Horizontal scroll saw pattern is available in 2D CAD (.dwg) and vector (.eps, and .svg) file formats.

Horizontal scroll saw pattern - .dwg format (85.01 Kb)

Horizontal scroll saw pattern - .eps format (103.35 Kb)

Horizontal scroll saw pattern - .svg format (73.13 Kb)