Pegasus fretwork pattern

Pegasus fretwork pattern

On this page you can download free fretwork pattern with Pegasus silhouette in the center.

The pattern consists of a rectangular ornamental part with an empty circular surface in the center where a Pegasus silhouette is inserted. Although the pattern is not simple, it can be cut by hand in wood using fretwork technique. It can also be made with a laser cutting machine if you have one, or simply leave it to a company where you can get it made.

Pegasus was the famous winged horse in Greek mythology, son of Poseidon, god of the sea, and the mortal Gorgon Medusa. He was gentle, goodhearted and always eager to help, so Zeus made him immortal by turning him into a constellation on the last day of his life. Pegasus is usually depicted as pure white in color. According to legend, wherever Pegasus would strike his hoof on the ground, a water spring would appear. The great mythical hero Bellerophon caught Pegasus as he was drinking water and tamed him, so Pegasus allowed him to ride him. Because of this legend, Pegasus is often shown with a rider on his back.

In our showroom you can see what a finished project looks like where this pattern was used for laser cutting in acrylic, as well as a snapshot of its preparation and laser cutting itself. 

Available file formats: 2D CAD (.dwg) and vector (.eps and .svg)


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Pegasus fretwork pattern - .dwg file (264.27 Kb)

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