This category of our website is dedicated to all those involved in carving who do not have the time to devise their own motifs to carve.

Woodcarving patterns that you can download here are suitable for either chip carving style or relief making (high relief (alto-rilievo), mid-relief (mezzo-rilievo), low-relief (basso-rilievo, or French: bas-relief), and shallow-relief (rilievo schiacciato)).

Woodcarving patterns can be downloaded in 2D CAD file format (dwg) or in vector file formats (eps & svg). If you use one of our woodcarving patterns, we will kindly ask you to send us a picture of your work and a brief description of the project so that we can present it in our Showroom Category.

If you are interested in carving, a large number of patterns can also be found in other categories on the menu Free Patterns on this site. See category Free 3D models as well, there you can find ideas that will inspire you for your next carving project.


If you need a simple repeating pattern suitable for the decoration technique of chip carving in wood, take a look at this one presented here, it may meet your criteria.

Here you can download a round pattern called the ‘carving 2D pattern derived from oriental lattice network'.

For all fans of chip carving decorating technique, here we present a simple rectangular border pattern that they can use in their carving projects.

This is a collection of simple-looking chip carving patterns that can serve not only beginners but also more experienced woodcarvers.

Here you can download a collection of 21 patterns intended for lovers of chip carving wood decorating techniques.

Interlaced ornament with dragon motif. This carving ornament comes from Arts and crafts magazine, published in 1904. 

This is a collection of six repeating patterns suitable for the chip carving decorating technique.

This is a collection of 7 chip carving patterns with animals as their main motif (the picture shows which animals exactly – a horse, rooster, dove and fish).

As you can see in the picture, here you can download four Renaissance grotesque patterns originating from carved stone panels.

On this page you can download a collection of round designs suitable for chip carving.

Here you can download a simple geometric pattern that is reminiscent of a kaleidoscope.

On this page you can download a digitized illustration of the famous French poet, art critic and  essayist  Charles Baudelaire  (1821.-1867.).

On this page you can download a digitized illustration of the famous Russian writer and essayist  Fyodor Dostoyevsky (1821-1881).