Dragon carving ornament

Dragon carving ornament

A simple dragon carving ornament vector design which is a great freebie worth downloading. This carving ornament comes from Arts and crafts magazine, published in 1904. 


This is no historic ornament, but it was discovered in a magazine, i. e., a picture of this ornament was found with a note stating that it was intended for wood carving. 

The pattern is named ‘the dragon pattern’ because it consists of interlaced curves with two stylized heads of dragons. It is difficult to determine which style it belongs to, as such ornaments can be found in the Celtic, Nordic and Russian style of decoration. Judging by its appearance, as well as based on our experience, we would say that it was inspired by Nordic or Russian ornaments rather than by Celtic. Most likely, this is the artist’s own creation for the magazine, who either did not care too much about any particular style by simply erasing or adding some details, or who perhaps independently drew an ornament inspired by some of the above styles.

In the picture only half of the ornament can be seen; the whole ornament can be formed by mirror copying, and in the middle you will get a shield in which you can insert some text, illustration, and the like. The ornament can be scaled for a shield of a desired size.

Ornaments like this are very nice when carved in wood, so if you happen to be in search for an ornament for your carving project, you will definitely make no mistake by choosing this one.
The pattern is available in three different file formats: 2D CAD (dwg), vector (eps and svg).


 Dragon carving ornament is under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.


Click on the links below to download Dragon carving ornament: 

Dragon carving ornament - .dwg format (370.22 Kb)

Dragon carving ornament - .eps format (541.81 Kb)

Dragon carving ornament - .svg format (678.86 Kb)