This is a collection of 7 chip carving patterns with animals as their main motif (the picture shows which animals exactly – a horse, rooster, dove and fish).

All 7 patterns were found in some books that dealt with folk art or chip carving decorating technique. Since we liked the idea of ​​animals being the main motif of chip carving patterns, we decided to draw them and put them together into one pattern collection. Chip carving by definition is a woodcarving style/technique when small chips of the material are removed from a surface with knives or chisels. The patterns obtained in the chip carving style can be abstract or they can have some motifs on them, such as those we have offered you here.


Folk chip carving patterns with animal motifs
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Chip carving decorating style has been popular in many countries throughout history and it can be  considered one of the traditional styles of folk art. This style of woodcarving was most often used to decorate rustic furniture and various wooden objects or tools used in the countryside. The reason for this is that this style of woodcarving does not require great artistic talent and many years of practice, and it is much faster than, for example, carving a bas-relief; it’s understandable, then, that items decorated with chip carving style are cheaper and more accessible to a large number of people.

Chip carving patterns like these can be designed very quickly. It is only necessary to draw the contour (outline) of an animal, define various characteristic areas (head, wing, tail…) within the contour, and then decorate each area with a chip carving pattern that represents the area it decorates as closely as possible. Have a look at what our patterns look like and everything will be clear to you. If you like this process, you need to buy a set of knives and chisels, search the internet for tutorials about this style of woodcarving, find an adequate piece of wood, transfer the pattern to it, and there you go – now you can start mastering the chip carving technique!


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Submitted by Ceh Jan


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