Pierced brooches designs

Pierced brooches designsHere is a collection of designs that can be used to create pierced brooches. All of them have been taken from these two books: “Hand-wrought jewelry” (Published 1916, Authors: Sorensen H. R. and Vaughn Samuel Jesse) and “Jewelry making and design; an illustrated text book for teachers, students of design, and craft workers in jewelry” (Published 1917, Authors: Rose Augustus Foster and Cirino Antonio ).
These designs are not just for professionals but also amateurs who are interested in making jewelry, which means that they can make beautiful brooches, fobs or necklace pendants.
The brooches made of metal on the basis of these designs can be left flat or folded on a cylindrical  surface. If you want to make a few pieces only, it does not pay to use the piercing (punching) metalwork technique. Small series of brooches can be created by using hand tools (files, drill, saw...).
These designs do not have to be used only for making metal brooches, but also for making beautiful wooden brooches by scroll saw technique. 
Pierced brooches designs are under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.
In the picture you can see what they look like and you can download them in 2D CAD format (dwg) or vector formats (svg or eps).