In the collection which you can download here, there are 10 Keyhole escutcheon patterns.

In heraldry Escutcheon is a shield or shield-shaped emblem, displaying a coat of arms. The term ‘escutcheon’ also means a ‘keyhole plate’ i.e. plate that surrounds a keyhole or lock cylinder on a door. Its function is to hold the lock cylinder fixed in its place and to protect the lock cylinder environment from damage caused by the tip of the key. Today, escutcheons are generally of a simple circular or rectangular shape due to mass production and to be as cheap as possible. Until 100 years ago, escutcheons had not only a functional purpose but also a decorative one. They were of different shapes, often adorned with ornamental bass-relief and made of different metal alloys. Decorative models of escutcheons can still be purchased today, but you can also make them using our patterns. They may not be as decorative as industrial ones, but if you need an escutcheon for a shed, garage or some side door, and want an unusual escutcheon on them, why not make one with the help of an escutcheon pattern from this collection.


Keyhole escutcheon patterns
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Just find the right piece of wood or metal, cut it according to our pattern, round or chamfer the edges, and choose a finish that works for you. You need neither expensive tools nor extensive experience for this whole process, and as a result you will get a beautiful keyhole escutcheon that will not only attract the attention of visitors, but will also make you feel pleased for having made such a positive little change at your place.

As you can see in the picture, only the escutcheon outline, keyhole position and screw hole are indicated on the pattern. All the patterns have been found in old catalogs and drawn in 2D CAD software. Their dimensions are not adequate, i.e., you must first scale the patterns to the dimensions that suit you. If you like the idea of ​​making an escutcheon yourselves, but you dislike our patterns, do some search online or in old catalogs, you will find plenty of escutcheon patterns and certainly at least one you will really like.


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Submitted by Ceh Jan


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