If you are engaged in embroidery craft and need a square-shaped tablecloth design (actually square-shaped border), you might like this one here that you can download in 2D CAD and vector file formats.

In the center of the design, there is an empty space in which you can insert some text, ornament, symbol or the like in it.  The design was discovered in the old Austrian monthly ‚Arts and crafts; Monthly issue published by the Austrian Museum of Art and Industry‚ (Published 1898). Below its picture, the caption read: “Exhibition of the national competition. London. Design for a damask tablecloth by Henry Drummond”. Originally, as we have already mentioned, the design is intended for square shaped tablecloths, but you can also use it for various other purposes. The picture and files contain only a quarter of the design, so the complete tablecloth design must be mirror copied in 2D CAD or vector software.


Design for a damask tablecloth
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2D CAD (Autodesk .dwg) and vector (Encapsulated PostScript .eps and Scalable Vector Graphics .svg)

Regrettably, the design probably has hunting motifs (rabbit, pheasant, partridge), because it depicts animals and vegetation that are characteristic of hunting. Luckily, this design can be viewed much more positively (i.e., ignore that these motifs remind you of hunting), and then you will have an extremely nice design inspired by animals and plants, i.e., by nature.

As with most of our design, this one also has been colored in a simple way. We pay much more attention to the quality of the design drawing, and we color it only to make it easier for you to see what the design looks like. In 2D CAD or vector software you can apply colors according to your own wish and need. Drawing an embroidery design of this complexity takes a lot of time, because it is important for us not only to have a design that looks fine, but also to be well drawn. For this reason, we ask that you comply with the license we have stated. If you happen to use this beautiful tablecloth design (especially to embroider a tablecloth), please send us a photo or two of your work so we can know that our effort to draw it has not been in vain! 


Download DWG 2D CAD file format
Download EPS vector file format
Download SVG vector file format

Submitted by Ceh Jan


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