Scroll saw design founded on the wild rose

Scroll saw design founded on the wild roseOn this page you can download the design called "Scroll Saw Design Founded on the Wild Rose". We have found it in an old book and named it after the inscription beneath the image of the design. 
With this design, you can make a very nice decorative panel in scroll saw technique. The design consists of two symmetrical spiral stems of the wild rose. On the stems there are also symmetrically arranged thorns, leaves and flowers. This design is suitable for carving -  if you cut it into thicker panel, carved decoration would suit it nicely. The design has been precisely drawn in a CAD program, and there is no need for any further editing. It is available in CAD (.dwg) and vector (file formats) file formats, so you can cut it using a laser cutter as well.
License: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported  
We hope you will let us know when you have used this scroll saw design and send us pictures of your work.