Carrack ship laser cut patterns

Carrack ship laser cut patterns

This is a collection of three scalable Carrack ship laser cut patterns.

The patterns has been named ‘Carrack ship laser cut patterns’ because of the carrack ship motif appearing in two of the patterns in the collection. In the third pattern, the main motif is the Viking ship. All three patterns are complex and ideal for cutting with a laser cut machine. They can also be cut manually or on a scroll saw machine, but this process requires a lot of time and precision, as there are many thin segments that are difficult to cut in wood.

All the patterns are drawn in 2D CAD software and are based on the images from old book (William Morris & Company (Ruskin House) Limited. - Trade catalog).


The patterns are precisely drawn and extremely beautiful, so we expect a lot of lovers of scroll saw technique to make use of them. If you just love the sea and ships in general, you can send these patterns to a specialized company to have them cut for you with a CNC laser cut machine. The pattern can be used for a panel (grille, screen), on furniture, or as a completely independent artwork to be hung on the wall. The patterns can also be used individually, and in this case we recommend that you find or draw a border around them to make them even more beautiful.

The patterns comes in two colours black and white and can be used within various projects (especially laser cutting projects or scroll saw projects)


These free laser cut patterns are under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license. Meaning you can use them commercially or personally as long as you credit us for the creation.


Carrack ship laser cut patterns are available in all common formats: 2D CAD (.dwg), vector (.eps, and .svg)


Click on the links below to download Carrack ship laser cut patterns:


Carrack ship laser cut patterns - .dwg format (407.51 Kb)

Carrack ship laser cut patterns - .eps format (1.07 Mb)

Carrack ship laser cut patterns - .svg format (1.19 Mb)