Laser cut border patterns

Laser cut border patterns

On this page you are presented with 7 border patterns that are suitable for laser cutting, which is why we called them ’laser cut border patterns’. The majority of these oval border patterns are not suitable for manual scroll sawing because they have either very small or very narrow details. As you can see in the picture, these 5 border patterns are classic rectangular borders that have a large blank surface inside. The first two patterns are slightly different from the remaining three. The first border pattern has a spiral-twisted twig in its upper half, with leaves, tendrils and a large bunch of grapes in the middle, while its lower half contains a blank space where some text can be inserted. The second border pattern is similar to the first, except that in its upper half the central motif is not the grapes but a wreath. The remaining 3 border patterns are a little simpler and have a larger blank space inside of them.

Due to today’s reasonable prices, laser cutting machines have become very common in schools or smaller workshops, so a very useful service cutting market has emerged. Hence, take a good look at these 7 border patterns; if you get an idea or two about what you could make using them, feel free to download. By downloading any of these files, in it you will find a vector pattern or 2D CAD sketch. All you have to do is figure out what dimensions the cut pattern should be, find a company in your area that offers laser-cutting services, and send them one of our border patterns along with the dimensions. Laser cutting is of high quality because it is extremely fast and precise on the one hand, and very small and thin details can be cut on the other, with no fear whatsoever of material cracking during cutting.

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