Weigner repeating design

Weigner repeating designHere you can download a repeating design found in an old book full of various Art Nouveau designs. The book dates from the early 20th century and is authored by Thomas Weigner. We have painted the design the same way as in the book, but you can paint it as you please. The design consists of a repeating circular leaf motif. The blank space between the motifs formed due to the repetition is filled with decorative wave lines characteristic of the Art Nouveau style. Like any other repeating pattern on our website, we have cut this one, too, in a way that you can easily make a repeating pattern of a larger size just by copying it. You can extract the circular motif in 2D CAD or vector software from this repeating pattern and use it independently.

License: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported

Like all 2D designs on our website, this repeating design can be downloaded in the 2D CAD (DWG) and vector (EPS and SVG formats) formats.

Weigner repeating design - .dwg 2D CAD file format (435.31 KB)

Weigner repeating design - .eps vector file format (1.9 MB)

Weigner repeating design - .svg vector file format (1.88 MB)