Interlaced Oriental Repeating Pattern

Interlaced Oriental Repeating Pattern

Here you can download a simple but elegant Interlaced Oriental Repeating Pattern. This repeating pattern originates from the old book, and represents a very nice example of oriental interlacing work.

The basic design element of the pattern is a dodecagon whose sides are not straight lines but arcs. Dodecagons are arranged linearly in multiple rows and intertwined (i.e., partially overlapped). This is how the famous Arab lattice pattern is obtained, and we have named the one here the interlaced oriental repeating pattern. Patterns like this were characteristic of Arab architecture and most often we can see them carved in stone, in mosaics or various wooden panels. They are very easy to draw, especially if you are familiar with vector or 2D CAD software. This pattern is especially easy to draw. It is enough to draw a dodecagon design element, arrange it as in the picture, and then achieve the intertwining effect by trimming (deleting unnecessary arcs parts). As you can see, similarly you can create your own oriental lattice pattern, just by drawing some other shape instead of the dodecagon.

Due to its simplicity this interlaced oriental pattern is suitable for decorating in various techniques.


License: Creative Commons CC0 1.0 Universal Public Domain Dedication. This interlaced repeating pattern is entirely free, as is being released into the public domain. So you can use this free pattern for whatever purpose, both personal and commercial. I only ask that you don’t sell them as your own.

As with all of our free patterns, this Interlaced Oriental Repeating Pattern can also be downloaded as a 2D CAD sketch in .dwg file format or as a vector illustration in .svg and .eps file formats.

Interlaced Oriental Repeating Pattern - dwg file format (109.25 KB)

Interlaced Oriental Repeating Pattern - eps file format (231.03 KB)

Interlaced Oriental Repeating Pattern - svg file format (401.68 KB)