In this category you can find 3D models of various 3D shapes created in TopMod (Topological mesh modeling software) or Blender graphics software.

TopMod is a manifold mesh modeling software that allows you to create high genus shapes. The software is free and you can download it and read more about it at the following link: Topological Mesh Modeling The program reads and writes .obj files so that it is compatible with a large number of polygonal mesh modeling software. TopMod software generates output 3D mesh models; in order to make NURBS 3D models, you need to use some software that can convert mesh to NURBS surfaces. Blender is a free and open-source polygonal mesh 3D computer graphics software. You can use it for creating animated films, visual effects, art, 3D printed models, motion graphics, interactive 3D applications, and computer games. For now, we only use it to make 3D models.

All the 3D models in this category are under Creative Commons licenses. Check for each 3D model if commercial use is permitted.

The 3D models in this category can be downloaded either as polygonal mesh 3D models (.obj, .stl, .blend...) or as NURBS 3D models (IGES, STEP, 3DM...). 3D models of very complex shapes will not be published in NURBS file formats because their files are too large.


If you need an interesting math art 3D model shaped like a sphere, then this 3D model of the Voronoi sphere may serve you.

If you need a 3D model of the trefoil knot, on this page you can download two versions of this interesting 3D surface.

The 3D model that you can download here is based on a mathematical surface called the ‘Clifford torus’ by making simple manipulations in 3D software.

Here you can download a cylinder-based 3D model that you can import into 3D printing software and print it if you like.

Here you can download two similar 3D models called ‘Genus 3 Rind 3D shapes’.

In the picture there is a 3D model that is called the ‘Genus 6 3D surface’ and offered for download here.

If you like unusual math art models, in the picture you can see one that originated in TopMod software based on an octahedron.

In the picture there are three 3D models that you can download here. To create all of them, we used the great dodecahedron as the initial 3D model.

Here you can download five math art 3D models, whose common feature is that they all  originated from the initial 3D model of the truncated icosahedron.

If you like mathematical art, on this page you can download two free 3D models called ‘math art polyhedron structures’.

Here you can download three 3D figures created on the basis of 3D models of infinite loop 3D surface.

On this page you can download two 3D sphere models which we have descriptively called ‘spherical rind 3D shapes’.

This is another torus-based math art 3D model that we managed to create in a very short time using TopMod software.

These are two 3D models that have been drawn based on a well-known surface which mathematicians call the ‘Mobius strip’.

Here you can download two very interesting 3D models of organic chairs, each in several variants, whereby one model is named ‘Isocurves Chair’ and the other ‘Voronoi Chair’.

If you like the Voronoi diagram, here you can download 3D wireframe and mesh models of various surfaces that are generated using Voronoi patterns, i.e., formed by Voronoi cells.