If you like the Voronoi diagram, here you can download 3D wireframe and mesh models of various surfaces that are generated using Voronoi patterns, i.e., formed by Voronoi cells.

Expertly described, these are wireframe and mesh 3D models whose faces are not convex polygons but Voronoi cells. We have decided to generate such 3D models for only a few surfaces that are often found in mathematics, but surely you can make this transformation from any surface, even from complex surface 3D models. We have generated several versions of 3D models for one surface, and these differ in type of mesh and in the number of Voronoi cells from which the surface is formed.


Available NURBS and BREP file formats

Only mesh and wireframe 3D models

Available polygonal mesh file formats

3DM (Rhino native 3D file format) - Wireframes and 3D meshes; OBJ - 3D meshes


This whole collection is intended for people who like to deal with math art, generative art and similar modern types of computer-generated art, and who prefer the designing aspect over the mathematical aspect when creating such works. All these 3D structures are quite difficult to generate if you do not deal with parametric 3D modeling, but if you have them already generated, it is enough to import them into some 3D modeling software and enjoy 3D design, rendering, UV mapping and the like. Apart from that, the algorithm is quite simple - it is necessary to randomly form a certain number of points on the surface, and then form a 3D Voronoi diagram from them. There are many materials on the internet that deal with the formation of Voronoi diagrams, and we recommend that you do some research in this area if you are interested. Our collection includes the following surfaces that we have formed in this way: Cone, Cylinder, Ellipsod, Enneper, Helicoidal, Helix strip, Moebius strip, Sphere and Torus.

On our site you can find several more pages dedicated to Voronoi diagrams which you can easily find using the search tool.


Submitted by Ceh Jan