In Animal 3D models category you can download animal 3D models, 3D models of individual animal parts and 3D models of animal bas-reliefs.

The models in this category are mainly made in the 3D graphics software that uses polygonal modeling approach of 3D model creating, which is understandable because ‘organic modeling’,  i.e., modeling of living beings is much easier in polygonal mesh 3D graphics software than in NURBS 3D CAD software. In this category you can also find several animal 3D models that have not been modeled by us. These are high-quality animal 3D models found on various websites where you can download polygonal mesh 3D models for free. Since there are very few 3D animal models on the Internet  that are modeled by using NURBS surfaces, our goal is to convert the free, high-quality polygonal mesh 3D models into NURBS 3D models and offer them for download. The NURBS version of these 3D animal models can be downloaded from our site and the polygonal mesh version can be downloaded by clicking on the appropriate link for each 3D model.


On this page you can download a detailed and ready for printing 3D model of an African elephant.

On this page you can download a dolphin 3D model. It was created in Rhino 3d and T-splines software based on a high-quality video tutorial for Blender software.

If you need 3D model inspired by medieval heraldry, this 3D model of griffin may satisfy all your requirements.

On this page you can download a bas-relief (3D model) made on the basis of an old Japanese bird stencil illustration.

Here you can download a 3D model modeled in Blender 3D software and named ‘Low Poly Elephant 3D Model’.

On this page you can download a low poly 3D model in the shape of a piggy bank. With a little refinement model is suitable for 3D printing.

On this page you can download a detailed and high-quality drawn 3D model of a red deer.

On this page you can download two 3D models of the teddy bear toy drawn in 3D Blender software.

NURBS versions of polygonal mesh 3D models will not be available for all 3D models we publish here as free software does not have the option to convert yet. For a while, commercial software with such capabilities was available to us, so we were able to convert some animal 3D models to NURBS.

We will publish Animal 3D models in these 3D CAD formats:

  • NURBS  - .stp, .igs,  or 3dm
  • and/or Polygonal mesh -  .obj, .blend or .stl

3D models given in these file formats are suitable for import and editing in majority of 3D graphic or 3D CAD applications so you can use them as you need. We hope you will be pleased with the 3D animal models you download here and use them for some good purpose. If it's not too much of a bother, please find the time to send us your pictures so that we can see what you have used these 3D models for.