African elephant 3D model

African elephant 3D model

On this page you can download a detailed 3D model of an African elephant. First a polygonal mesh 3D model was found on the Internet and its quality checked, and then it got turned into a NURBS 3D model. The initial idea was to try to create an elephant bas-relief 3D model based on this 3D model, in order to check whether it was easier to draw the elephant from scratch or obtain it by modifying of a ready-made 3D model. Due to other obligations, we had to stop working on this 3D model, so that we can only offer you a 3D model of an elephant represented through NURBS surfaces. If you have any experience with this topic, we would kindly ask you to email us about this dilemma.


If you need a stuffed toy elephant 3D model, you can download it here:  Low poly elephant 3d model


This free 3D model is available in Wavefront (.obj), STEP (.stp) or Blender format (.blend).

This is a derivative work. Original 3D model: Afrikan elephant 3D model created in Blender

Converted Blender mesh model into a NURBS model

African elephant 3D model - .obj format (zip - 138.07 Kb)

African elephant 3D model - .stp format (zip - 1.34 Mb)

African elephant 3D model is under Creative Commons Public Domain Dedication license.