Piggy bank 3D model

Piggy bank 3D model

On this page you can download a low poly 3D model in the shape of a piggy bank. Piggy banks were usually made of ceramic and served to teach children the importance of savings. On their back there was usually a slot for inserting coins. Since most piggy banks did not have another opening but the slot mentioned, the only way to get the money within was to smash the piggy bank, which was a good reason to stay motivated to save. Although most people think that the piggy bank is a product of the modern times, its history dates back to the time of ancient Greeks and Romans, and terracotta piggy banks from the 15th century have been discovered even on Java, Indonesia.

The 3D model that can be downloaded here is not detailed. We have drawn just the basemesh, based on which you can obtain a quality 3D piggy bank model by further detailing and rendering. The 3D model does not contain the slot in which coins are inserted. The picture shows what the 3D model looks like, and if you like it, feel free to use it and save at least a little of your precious time! 


Piggy bank 3D model can be downloaded as NURBS 3D model (stp format) or polygonal mesh 3D model (obj format)


Polygonal mesh 3d model: 630 vertices, 628 polygons; Mesh topology supports multiple subdivisions.


Piggy bank 3D model is under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.

Piggy bank 3D model - .stp file (zip - 627.36 Kb)

Piggy bank 3D model - .obj file (zip - 28.71 Kb)