Low poly elephant 3d model

Low poly elephant 3d model

Here you can download a 3D model named ‘Low Poly Elephant 3D Model’. This is not a realistic 3D model of an elephant, but one may say, of a stuffed toy elephant 3D model. We have named it a low poly 3D model because it is not detailed, i.e., we have modeled only the shape of its body, and it is up to you to draw the details if you want.


The 3D elephant model is in a standing position, with its arms and ears extended, but if you know at least a little about 3D programs, you will very easily adjust this 3D elephant model to any position.


In case you need a more realistic 3D elephant model, visit this this page of our website:  African elephant 3D model

Elephant 3D model is available in Rhinoceros 3D format (.3dm), standardized 3D graphic exchange format (.stp) or Blender format (.blend).


Low poly quad mesh 3D model: 258 vertices, 232 quad polygons; Mesh topology supports multiple subdivisions.


This free 3d model is under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.

Low poly elephant 3d model - .blend format (465.55 Kb)

Low poly elephant 3d model - .3dm format (zip - 888.9 Kb)

Low poly elephant 3d model - .stp format (zip - 631.26)