For the “3D Classic Ornaments” category it can be said that it contains mostly reliefs of ornaments whose beauty has been confirmed throughout history.

The term ‘classic ornaments’ encompasses a large variety of decorations that have been used for a long time in architecture, on wooden furniture and various stone reliefs, and the like. Generally speaking, 3D ornaments are difficult to model in NURBS 3D CAD software, so the ornaments in this category have mostly been modeled in polygonal mesh 3D graphics software. For a large number of them, there are no NURBS versions of the 3D models because software for conversion polygonal mesh 3D models into NURBS surfaces is simply too expensive for our budget.

Ornament 3D models can be used to make wooden ornaments on CNC engraving machines, or imported into your 3D graphic designs; they may also serve well to give you ideas for your hand-carved reliefs, and can even be printed on 3D printers.


If you need a 3D model of a medieval ornament, here you can download one that has been drawn based on a picture of a Byzantine ornament.

Here you can dowload three 3D models of the fleur de lis symbol (stylized lily). Two fleur de lis shapes are simple and the third is ornamental.

Here you can download a simple 3D model of wooden decoration from the door of a cabinet, which we have named ‘3D scroll ornamental design element’.

This 3D model represents an Ancient Greek ornamental bas relief that can be used to decorate a square or circular shaped surface (panel).

This is the 3D model of an ancient Greek ornament which was placed on the ceiling of the temple of  Parthenon.

On this web page you can download a 3D model of a anthemion architectural motif. A simple 3D model ready for CNC engraving.

On this page you can download two 3D models based on some images of carving decorations (rosettes) for furniture.

On this page you can download free 3D model of a Celtic knot which is intended to decorate rectangular surface areas.

If you need a 3D ornament (ornamental bas-relief)  to fill up some square or circular surface, this free 3D model may help you save some time.


Download a simple and useful decorative furniture ornament. This 3D model is ready for CNC engraving.

On this page you can download a 3D model of ornamental bas-relief that we named „Decorative ornament 3D model“.

A simple 3D model of a Guilloche frieze pattern. The guilloche pattern (Guilloche ornament) can often be found under the name of the Greek guilloche pattern.

If you like classic-style ornaments, we believe that you’ll be pleased with this bas-relief of a classic ornament intended for decorating rectangular surfaces.

On this page you can download a beautiful 3D model named ’Islamic Ornament 3D Model’. Nice project for your CNC engraving machine.

On this page you can download a simple Moorish 3D design. The design falls into the category of interlaced Moorish ornaments and is several hundred years old.

If you need 3D model inspired by ancient Greek culture, this palmette frieze bas-relief may satisfy all your requirements.

Here you can download a free 3D model named ‘Wreath 3D Design’.

For the most part, the ornament 3D models in this category are available in .stl format, which is most prevalent in artistic CAM software for CNC engraving, as well as in 3D printing software. If you use CAM software for milling or routing, then you can also use NURBS versions of the 3D models.

Classic ornaments have a universal beauty, indeed. Most people just need to look at the bas-relief of a classic ornament to conclude that the object decorated with it is beautiful. For this reason, we will do our best to create as many 3D models of the ornaments as possible, so that you are given as many choices as possible.

If you want to draw some ornament 3D models yourselves, you can find a large number of ornament patterns in the “Free Patterns” category; after you find the ones you like, feel free to use them to model your 3D ornaments - if nothing else, this will save you some time that is needed for modeling!