Horizontal 3D Ornament

Horizontal 3D OrnamentThe horizontal 3D ornament that you can download here has been developed on the basis of the ornament found at the following link: Rectangular ornaments

You can download it as a NURBS (.stp) or a polygonal mesh (.obj) 3D model.

This model will help you create beautiful furniture decoration on a CNC milling machine or by hand carving.  

Horizontal 3D Ornament is under Creative commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported license

Horizontal 3D Ornament - .obj 3D file format (zip - 269.34 KB)

Horizontal 3D Ornament - .stp 3D file format (zip - 1.18 MB)

This ornament is intended primarily for decoration of horizontal or vertical rectangular surface areas. In next images you can see an example of how this ornament can be easily transformed to become cross-or square-shaped.

Cross-shaped ornamentSquare-shaped ornament