Celtic 3D Knot

Celtic 3D KnotThis simple 3D decoration in the shape of a Celtic knot has been modeled on the basis of the pattern found at this link: Celtic knot 2D design

In the picture you can see the final appearance of the Celtic knot 3D model which is downloadable in 3dm, stl or stp file formats.

This 3D model is under Creative commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported license.

Celtic 3D Knot - .3dm 3D file format (zip - 654.87 KB)

Celtic 3D Knot - .stl 3D file format (zip - 255.48 KB)

Celtic 3D Knot - STEP 3D file format (zip - 508.75 KB)

To create the Celtic knot 3D model, Rhino software has been used.

The 3D modeling process:

- Importing 2D pattern;
Importing 2D pattern

- Drawing and scaling of cross sections which can be of various shapes, as shown in the picture;
Drawing and scaling of cross sections

- Copying appropriate cross sections in the plane that lie normally in relation to the plane where the 2D pattern is found and in relation to the curve at the point where  the plane is drawn;
Copying appropriate cross sections

- Connecting cross sections by SWEEP command, resulting in a 3D surface model of the Celtic knot;
Connecting cross sections by SWEEP command

- Through trimming and joining of individual surfaces, a closed polysurface is obtained out of which a solid model is created.
Trimming and joining of individual surfaces

To obtain a 3D models out of the Celtic knot 2D patterns is simple, although the very modeling process is time-consuming as it requires the repetition of a large number of identical operations.