Moorish 3D design

Moorish 3D design  On this page you can download a simple Moorish 3D design. The design falls into the category of interlaced Moorish ornaments and is several hundred years old. 
The basis for the drawing of this Moorish 3D design has been the 2D ornament which you can download here: Interlaced Moorish ornaments
With the help of this 2D ornament, we have created a 3D design using 3D CAD software. This 3D design is actually a bas-relief and can be made on CNC machines in various materials, printed on a 3D printer or used as a 3D model. As you can see in the picture, the design is simple but very beautiful and interesting, which only confirms that Moorish decorative art was at an extremely high level. If you need more Moorish ornaments, you can find them in the category of our site called ’Oriental Ornaments’. Based on them, you can create nice 3D models that can be used not only for projects inspired by Moorish or Oriental art, but also for projects with other topics.

The Moorish 3D design has been created as a polygonal mesh 3D model, and the NURBS 3D model has been obtained through conversion in the software in which the 3D design had been drawn. If you need to draw 3D models like this, the polygonal mesh modeling approach to this process is incomparably easier than NURBS. You can get a smooth polygonal mesh surface using subdivision, and if you need a NURBS 3D model, nowadays there is a wide variety of 3D CAD software that can convert polygonal mesh 3D models into NURBS 3D models and vice versa.

License:  Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported
The Moorish 3D Design can be downloaded in the following file formats: .stp (STEP) and .obj.