Central radial 3D ornament

Central radial 3D ornament

If you need a 3D decoration (ornamental bas-relief)  to fill up some rectangular or circular surface, this 3D ornament may help you save some time. We call it ‘Central Radial 3D Ornament’ because it consists of stylized arms radiating from the center. It can be used as a standalone 3D ornament or as part of a more complex 3D ornament. It is also suitable for decorating curved 3D surfaces, which will be clear to you if you imagine it as a decoration on a cup, vase, pot or the like.


Polygonal mesh 3d model: 6237 vertices, 5592 polygons; This is just a base 3D model without texture. Mesh topology supports multiple subdivisions.


Central radial 3D ornament is under Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported license. 


3D file types included: Initial Graphics Exchange Specification (IGES - NURBS surface) and Wavefront (obj)


Click on the links below to download this free 3D model: 

Central radial 3D ornament - IGES format (zip - 1.27 Mb)

Central radial 3D ornament - OBJ format (zip - 280.43 Kb)