If you need an interesting math art 3D model shaped like a sphere, then this 3D model of the Voronoi sphere may serve you.

The 3D model of sphere with Voronoi pattern was generated with the help of Grasshopper plug-in (Rhinoceros software), and then in Blender software wireframe and subdivision modifiers were applied to the thus created 3D model. It took some tweaking of the modifier parameters, but that was actually the most interesting part in the modeling process. If you take a look at the picture, you will see that we have obtained a sphere on which every surface of the Voronoi cell is actually a hole, and every edge of the Voronoi cell has been given thickness.


3D model of Voronoi sphere
3D CAD software used for modeling

Rhino 3D + Grasshopper and T-splines plug-ins

Available NURBS and BREP file formats

.igs (Initial Graphics Exchange Specification) and .3dm (Rhinoceros software native file format)

Available polygonal mesh file formats

.obj, .blend and .stl

OBJ and BLEND Mesh - Quads only; Vertices: 35750; Edges: 72000; Faces: 3600; 3D model without texture and materials

STL Mesh - Triangles only; Vertices: 140037; Edges: 420861; Faces: 280574; Mesh does not have any non manifold edges, naked edges, duplicate faces, faces with directions different from the mesh as a whole...


Although math art 3D models have no practical value, their modeling is extremely interesting and very fast in many cases; if you play around a little with various parameters when drawing, it is possible to get a whole family of extremely strange but interesting 3D models.


Submitted by Ceh Jan