The Vernier caliper, whose 3D model you can download here, is used for precise measurement of internal and external dimensions and can also be used as a depth gauge.

We drew it in free 3D CAD software FreeCAD  (version 0.19) based on the Vernier caliper we own, so the 3D model is the same size as the real Vernier caliper that can be purchased in stores. If you take a look  at the picture, you can see that this is an old model of a caliper with Vernier scale.  Nowadays, digital Vernier calipers are used on which you can read the measured dimension on a small digital display.

Dimensions of the 3D model of the Vernier caliper measuring tool: 241mm (9 1/2’’) x 77mm (3 1/32’’) x 7mm (9/32’’)


3D model of Vernier caliper
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3D CAD software used for modeling

FreeCAD (Version 0.19)

Available NURBS and BREP file formats

.FCStd - FreeCAD native file format


There are Vernier calipers with imperial and metric graduations. Our 3D model is with metric graduations, and if you need imperial graduations, you will have to draw it yourself, which is not so difficult if you know the basic functions of FreeCAD software. The 3D model consists of bodies that form a non-constrained assembly and it was drawn using the Part Design workbench; the metric scale was drawn using the Lattice 2 workbench and the Shape string command from the Part workbench. In order to be able to use this 3D model (e.g., for making illustrations), the assembly is divided into Main Body and Sliding Assembly subassemblies, so you can place the Vernier caliper on any dimension. The name of our site is also written on the 3D model – you are free to either delete it or leave it (in case you want to thank us for getting it for free).

If you need instructions on how to use the Vernier caliper, you can find it on the page Vernier calipers.


Download 3D model (BREP and NURBS)

Submitted by Ceh Jan