This is a large collection of Voronoi diagrams that were parametrically generated using an algorithm in 2D CAD software.

In this collection you will find many Voronoi diagrams obtained using only one algorithm. While generating, the following was changed:
- The boundary curve - In this way we placed the Voronoi diagram in a circle, square, ellipse, hexagon, star, etc. Of course, if you want, you can import any diagram from this collection into 2D CAD or vector software, draw the boundaries you desire over it and trim the Voronoi diagram to the drawn new boundary.
- The number of randomly generated points (Seeds) - We varied the number and arrangement of points by which the Voronoi diagram was generated and, in this way, we obtained a denser or rarer diagram within a certain boundary.


Collection of parametric generated Voronoi diagrams
Available file formats

2D CAD (.dwg) and vector (.eps and .svg)


As you can see, the collection contains 45 different "ordinary" Voronoi diagrams that you can further modify as desired in CAD or vector software. We think that this collection will fulfill the wishes of most people who want to do something with the Voronoi diagram, and we are sure that we have saved a lot of time for people who either have no time, or lack in knowledge and/or software to generate this type of mathematical diagram. The cells of all Voronoi diagrams in the collection are composed only of lines (unless, of course, the boundary is a circle, an ellipse, etc.) and all diagrams are 2D patterns. Some diagrams are with an offset between the cells, and on some you have to draw that effect yourself. There are many explanations on the Internet on how the Voronoi diagram is generated, so we will not explain this process to you here, but we recommend that you explore this area.

On our site you can find several more pages dedicated to Voronoi patterns which you can easily find using the search tool.


Submitted by Ceh Jan


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