Interlaced ornaments from Russian manuscripts

Interlaced ornaments from Russian manuscriptsThe collection contains 12 interlaced ornaments and all come from ancient Russian manuscripts. Interlaced ornaments were often used in Russian manuscripts from 12th to 14th century. Russian ornaments fall into a special category of ornaments, although the old works reflect the influence of different cultures. They were initially inspired by the Byzantine culture, but this influence was interrupted by the Mongolian invasion, so that Russian artists were forced to develop ornaments themselves in order to decorate the manuscripts. In the beginning, they would only add various decorative elements to the previously taken ornaments, but over time they began to develop their own ornament drawing school. We intend to draw other types of Russian ornaments as well because they are extremely interesting and represent a beautiful example of the evolution of ornament drawings.
Early interlaced Russian-style ornaments are very similar to Celtic knot ornaments, as they both belong to the early Christian interlaced ornaments for decorating manuscripts.
Although at first glance these Russian ornaments are very similar to  early Christian ornaments, it should be recognized that they are more complex, reminding of  Arabic interlaced ornaments.
These ornaments are very interesting to be drawn. To get high-quality results, we recommend that for this purpose non-parametric 2D CAD software is used. 
Interlaced ornaments from Russian manuscripts are under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported license. 
For those who are dealing with vector graphics, svg and eps file formats have been made available, and for those working with 2D CAD software, the ornaments are downloadable in dwg file format.