Diaper vector pattern from Alhambra

Diaper vector pattern from Alhambra

On this page we present and offer to download a beautiful Moorish arabesque from the 13th century which we nemed  Diaper vector pattern from Alhambra.

This masterpiece of Moorish decorative art is housed in the Alhambra Palace (part of the plaster paneling in the Hall of the Ambassadors), on the wall, as a plaster relief (stucco). The pattern belongs to diaper patterns (repeating patterns) and consists of interlaced strips that form several empty spaces. In these empty spaces, Moorish artists would place floral forms (curved lines of foliage) of appropriate shapes. The pattern seems complicated, but when it gets broken down into individual design elements, the drawing process becomes rather interesting. The culminating point of enjoyment in the drawing process occurs when you actually finish drawing and start coloring with the beautiful Moorish diaper pattern slowly coming into view on the screen, and then finally appearing in its full beauty! 

If you like patterns like this, browse old books dealing with Moorish culture or palace architecture of the Alhambra. There you will find a large number of similar arabesques and a lot of interesting information. An interesting fact is that arabesques do not have any symbolic meaning in order to conform to religious regulations. This diaper pattern from the Alhambra is a very famous pattern and we have found it in a few old books, of which we will mention only three:
1. A handbook of architectural styles (Author: Rosengarten Albert; Published: 1912) – Below the picture the caption read: Moorish wall decoration in the Alhambra at Granada
2. Plastering, plain and decorative. A practical treatise on the art & craft of plastering and modelling, including full descriptions of the various tools, materials, processes, and appliances employed.  (Authors: Millar W. and Robinson G.; Published: 1899) – Below the picture the caption read: Diapered plaster panelling in the Alhambra, Spain, Thirteenth century.
3. Easy steps in architecture and architectural drawing  (Author: Hodgson Frederick Thomas; Published: 1915) – Below the picture the caption read: Moorish wall decoration in the Alhambra at Granada


Although this pattern was named a vector pattern, it was still drawn in 2D CAD software, and its vector shape was obtained by exporting it from 2D CAD software. 2D CAD programs are far more accurate and easier to draw such patterns than the vector ones, and we believe that Moorish artists would also be pleased to have such tools. 

You can use it for personal use, not for commercial use. License: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported


Available file formats: 2D CAD (dwg) and vector (svg and eps)


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Diaper vector pattern from Alhambra - dwg format (zip 629.5 Kb)

Diaper vector pattern from Alhambra - eps format (zip 842.11 Kb)

Diaper vector pattern from Alhambra - svg format (zip 858.31 Kb)