Repeating arabic ornament

Repeating arabic ornamentThis beautiful Arabic ornament you can download in the 2D CAD (DWG) and vector (EPS and SVG) formats. The ornament comes from a marble panel, which is located in the city of Damascus and is in its original red/black color. Arabic ornaments can have a very complex geometry, as is the case with this ornament. We drew it completely with arcs, following all axes of symmetry and geometric rules. All circular segments are G1 continuous and within a file you can find a segment of the ornament with which by simply copying and scaling you can make ornaments of any size. Drawing of this Arab ornament is a real challenge if you want to follow the rules of geometry. In the middle Ages the Arabs very much appreciated and developed geometry and are credited as nurturers of the European knowledge developed in ancient Greece, Rome and Byzantium. In order to comply with geometry, we have this ornament drawn in 2D CAD ​​software, because drawing a complex geometric ornament is extremely demanding in vector graphics software. Software for vector graphics have a very limited commands for drawing geometry and the constraints are expressed in drawing the Arab ornaments and all other ornaments  which must comply to geometric rules. Arabic ornaments such as this can be used in many ways, and with minor modifications, if you have a CNC laser cutter, you can cut it in wood or other materials and use as a decorative panel.

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Repeating arabic ornament - DWG format (163.61 Kb)

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