Afghan ornamental tile patterns

Afghan ornamental tile patternsOn this page you can download two Afghan ornamental tile patterns. These Afghan ornamental patterns comes from the book "18 plates of ornamental tiles from the Afghan Boundary Commission" (Author: Afghan Boundary Commission, 1884).

The patterns are colored with the same colors as those in the book. The first pattern consists of an octagonal border inside of which there is a classic ornament characteristic of Arab decorative art. The second pattern is square in shape and consists of a simple ornament. We called these two patterns the Afghan ornamental patterns based on the book title, but we could have also called them Arab ornamental patterns because of the great resemblance between them.


Unfortunately, it is impossible, at least to us, to find any additional information about these tiles or their patterns. The Commission published only water-painted drawings of tiles, without any information on where they were found, or any information whatsoever. 

Undoubtedly, these ornamental patterns are a beautiful example of Arab art and as such, they deserve to be vectorized and offered for use to all the people who admire intricate and detailed patterns.

We hope that you will manage to figure out some good way to apply the patterns and, if possible, highlight their beauty even more. Arab decorative art has been among the most beautiful artistic expressions throughout human history, and ornamental patterns like these are just a testament to this claim. 

Available file formats: 2D CAD (dwg) and vector (svg and eps)


Afghan ornamental tile patterns are under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.


Click on the links below to download these free patterns:


Afghan ornamental tile patterns - .dwg 2D CAD file format (544.07 KB)


Afghan ornamental tile patterns - .eps vector file format (1.36 MB)


Afghan ornamental tile patterns - .svg vector file format (499.88 KB)